Thorough check, fast results.

Checking a potential tenant is mandatory for landlords if they don’t want to encounter any problem along the way. If I am not mistaken, landlords ask for security deposit and advance rent. But after using up the advance, monthly rental payments will be collected. Some tenants don’t make the payments on time causing the landlord to encounter difficulties. It is therefore a must to do an employment and income verification on tenants vying for a landlord’s property.

But how to do the verification? Leave it to Tenantify! They can do the verification process thoroughly and will come back with the detailed results after one business day only. That’s fast! An inexpensive service that will save a landlord the time he would have spent on verifying a tenant’s employment and income information. That’s Tenantify and the great service they provide.

If you know a landlord who is undecided with a tenant, direct him to Tenantify right away!

This holiday season.


I always feel anxious when the holiday season approaches. The expenses associated with it and the stress of coming up with resources to use…

I know some people would say not to stress myself out with the expenses, to just spend what I have and don’t go overboard. I know that. In fact, I don’t really go overboard with my holiday expenses. But there are godchildren to think about, a new nephew to indulge, my siblings, my dad, some very close relatives… A lot has to be put into consideration.

I just wish this Christmas will be a very merry one for us, if only for my new nephew.

A small place.

When occupying a small place, it is advisable to be strategic when it comes to what comes inside it, what has to be put on the walls. Can you imagine a small condominium unit filled with big furniture and appliances? Terrible idea! Better to use rev-a-shelf and save on space. Think about it.

I remember when I was helping out a friend of mine furnish her studio unit. It was so hard to find stuff that would fill tiny spaces in her home! We ended up talking to a carpenter whom my dad knows to customize most of the stuff that she still has.

Living and dying.

You know what? What the following says is very true for most of us…


We always find ourselves dying to do, be, reach something making us forget to live in the moment. Time flies so fast, people! Before we know it, we’re already old, gray, and weak. And very much incapable of doing anything anymore.

Live in the moment. That’s what we have and are certain of, anyway. Forget the past and don’t think of the future too much. We cannot change the past anymore. What we should do is carry the lessons we learned from it. We cannot do anything with the future because we are not certain to wake up tomorrow morning. We can only hope and pray and leave it to Him to take care of it for us. What we should do is live in the moment, cherish it, enjoy it! And make the most out of it!

In other words, seize the day!

Hassle-free DIY Flowers


When it comes to hassle-free do-it-yourself wedding flowers, one name comes to mind. Bloominous. It is an online flower shop where you are encouraged to choose to DIY in order to save on costs of floral arrangements for weddings and special events.

A Sample Centerpiece from the Bohemian Desert Collection

A Sample Bouquet from the Bohemian Desert Collection

I am sure you would like to know why I said it is hassle-free. Basically, Bloominous is a one-stop shop meaning you don’t have to go from one store to another to buy flowers, supplies and accessories you will need in putting it all together. You will need ribbons and other stuff in putting together the centerpiece and bouquet. You can simply order it in one package at Bloominous. That’s why I said it’s hassle-free.

If you are preparing a wedding, time seems to be running at full speed. You don’t have the luxury of time to be running from one place to another. For all your wedding flowers, go to Bloominous.

Home office nook.

I love seeing home office set up ideas and when I find one that I truly like, I make sure I keep a photo of it to share. The following photos are found in Apartment Therapy web site. It is a home office nook in a very small apartment.

office nook

office nook

Don’t you just love the simplicity of the nook? I love how the desk is so small yet so functional, too!

Use this idea if you only have a very small space to spare at home for your office.

Off to somewhere…


I hope you are all off to somewhere exciting and fun. If you ask me, I will be staying here at home to nurse a fever. I hope to be off this rut I am in when my fever breaks. Have fun under the sun!

Happy weekend to all of you out there!