National holidays.

Oh wait! I am reminded of a question from one of my former American bosses. Philippines has a lot of holidays. Most are for celebrating the heroes of the past. It was the day before National Heroes Day, if I am not mistaken. That day is a national holiday and we were telling the boss that the Finance team won’t be around because of it. He asked us what we do to celebrate National Heroes Day. And we all chorused “nothing”. Filipinos normally spend national holidays at the mall, at the park, going out of town and anything that has nothing to do with the event. The boss was scratching his head, muttering why we had to be on a holiday if we don’t even spend it celebrating the holiday itself.

Why indeed?

Parks in QC.

There are a couple of parks here in Quezon City that are conducive to exercising on early mornings. But it’s not being maintained properly. There are muggers even in broad daylight. There are vagrants and other dubious characters loitering. And there are so much garbage around the place that you’ll start wondering if you really are in a park.

I do hope the leaders of Quezon City will do something about this. Calling on Mayor Herbert Bautista!

Traffic jam.

traffic jam

It is unavoidable, I would like to believe so. With almost every city individual buying a car, there will be traffic jams in every street of the metro. Add to that the inefficient traffic officers who are out in the streets before lunch, snack time, and dinner, and would vanish in between especially during rush hours… traffic jam, for sure!

I am hopeful that we can eventually find a solution to this problem but, for now, the only solution I can see is bringing with you a whole lot of patience when going out.