A different path.


Hey, I was doing just fine before I met you…

That line… kills me, every time.

My best friend and I were talking about going to a different path. We are both in the finance field. We both want to go into something music-related. Like we know our stuff, the elicenser, and some other. Not experts but we know enough.

We are not getting any younger so we thought this is the perfect time to really do something we love, we are passionate about. It is a risky move considering we are already deeply embedded in the finance industry and have become pillars in the companies we’re employed at. But if not now, when?

We don’t want to wake up one day regretting the chance we let slip away.

That voice, though…

That Closer song by The Chainsmokers makes me smile. Every. Damn. Time. I swear it does. It makes me think of those days we were still close. We talked every single day. We talked about his love of photography and my subtle obsession with romance novels. We talked about music, his vestax vci 380, and my growing collection of fiction books. We also talked about trivial stuff. And those things which made us groan, cringe, and laugh.

Those were the days.

When I hear that guy from the first lines of Closer, it reminds me of him. He would sing like he’s the best singer in this side of the planet but the truth was he had a terrible singing voice. He had a good speaking voice, though, but singing… Makes me laugh right now thinking of him.

Oh, I wish those days will happen again. Even once… even in my dreams…