Quezon City is home.

We have lived in Quezon City all our lives. My parents grew up in this city, at the same neighborhood we are still in right now. Unlike other families eager to leave the city for a more quiet life, we are content living here. Not exactly at the same residence we have right now, but in the city that has everything within reach.

We have been planning on moving to another residence. God willing, soon. But then moving doesn’t mean we will be transferring to another city or to nearby provinces. We are actually thinking of moving three blocks away, to a quiet neighborhood. Still in Quezon City.

I don’t think we can ever call another place home. QC for us is where you can find all you need. Schools, hospitals, entertainment establishments, restaurants, bars, malls… almost everything you think of! We may not like the mayor who’s always asleep. But we like the city all the same.

Quezon City is home to us. Always.

Who is to blame?!

bad influenceWhen we do something bad, our parents blame our friends. Have you experienced this? In high school, my mom would always tell me to avoid this person and that person. Bad influence, she’d say. Being stubborn, I would continue in my merry way and ignore my mom.

And then when I did something wrong in school, or even at home, my mom would tell me that my friends were bad influences and that I was emulating them more and more.


Why does parents blame friends when we, ourselves, might have been the one to blame?

MMDA, U-turn slots and those pink footbridges

I can’t understand MMDA’s use of U-turn slots. Personally, I think that MMDA’s idea of using U-turn slots instead of stoplights is bad. Really bad! I mean consider the volume of cars using the slot at the same time. It causes traffic jams. In Quezon Avenue alone, try traversing it by 12noon or during peak hours and you will find horrible traffic caused by one U-turn slot after another. The one at Delta going to West Ave. is jammed during these hours.

Not all drivers are good with U-turns. Some find it hard, as evidenced by the horrible traffic jams at the U-turn slots. I remember a cab driver telling me that he’s been seeing inexperienced drivers causing jams at these slots all the time. And there is not even a single MMDA traffic personnel in sight to help remedy the situation.

Another thing, those MMDA footbridges… not everyone is fit enough to climb the stairs. MMDA didn’t even consider the senior citizens using those pink footbridges. I’ve seen several old people using the footbridge gasping for breath. Nakakahingal kasi. Especially the one connecting the old Paramount Theatre at the corner of West Ave. to SM City North Edsa. That particular footbridge is a steep climb! At least a traffic enforcer should always be on hand to help old people or the handicapped cross the street.

I don’t know with you but personally, I really think stoplights should be returned. ASAP!