I live in Quezon City.

Quezon City is part of the greater Metro Manila area. I love my city because it is the center of the whole metro. You can find almost every essential place here in our city. Schools, hospitals, churches, malls, big supermarkets, parks, entertainment places, television networks, radio stations, food strips, etc. Almost everything!

I just wish Quezon Avenue will be cleaned of night clubs and other bad elements.

I love Quezon City!

City at dusk.

at dusk

I just love city at dusk. There is peace hanging in the air. Somewhat. Not really peace but a truce, to be honest about it. I love how leisurely everyone goes on in whatever they are doing. I love how cars are now speeding by so fast!

There is just something magical in the city at dusk.

Don’t you think so?

My beloved Quezon City

I grew up in Quezon City. In fact, my whole life (30 years and counting), I spent living in Quezon City. Despite the walang kuwentang mayor, Sonny Belmonte, who’s always natutulog sa kangkungan, the city is quite charming and is the center of Metro Manila.

The big malls are situated in the different parts of this city. SM North Edsa, Trinoma, SM City Fairview, SM Cubao, Gateway and other smaller malls. Most of the government offices are also in Quezon City. Big hospitals like St. Luke’s are also within the city. Some universities are also based on QC. So you can just imagine the convenience of living in this chaotic city of mine.

Oh, did I mention that establishments like bars, restaurants, and other night establishments are in Timog and Tomas Morato which are both in Quezon City?

I will write more about my beloved city in my next posts.

I am the big city girl.

big city

I was conceived, born, bred and still is living in the city. I am the big city girl! I love the city life. Sure, there are times when I rant against the bad neighborhood, the inconsiderate neighbors, the pollution, the traffic jams, and the small things in the city that cause disruption in the lives of many, but I still love the city. The tall buildings symbolizing progress for many… the hope in the air for something better… food stalls in almost every corner… just the spark of life everywhere!

I think I will forever be a city girl no matter what.

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